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Everyone starts small. The Verteidiger is the smallest and in the lineup.

Complete sculpture. 




Just 39 €

save 33% from retail






Whale Tail

For the Minimalists. The Whale Tail comes in the top view and with a backplate.


The only available top view for now.


Just 89 €

save 25% from retail






Wild Horse

For the Smart ones. Build Have the car but see the whole. The mirror paper  is doing the job properly.

This Italian Stalion is available as a side View sculpture with or without  Background. 


Just 69 €

save 30% from retail

Rally Legend

Such a compact car. One of the biggest scale, there fore easy to Build. The Background comes in a wide format.



Formula Legend

This one has it all, the details a raceing livery and a background.

The Formula Legend comes as a complete Sculpture.