How it works and what you will get

PreCut and Creased Parts


The perfect Glue 


 your favourite color


Insurance in case you make a mistake

Easy to mount on your Wall


One Tree planted for each Sculpture

Get yours and start building

your own Automotive Art Piece

3D - Poster


Whale Tail – Topview Sculpture 

Combination of Picture and Sculpture



Geländewagen Verteidiger

The smallest Paperlegend in Scale – 1:10

Full Sculpture


Formula 1 Legend Complete Wall Sculpture

Challenge yourself and create a complete sculpture with attention to detail

Magic Mirror


Build half the car but get the full impression – for the smart ones

Product Portfolio


Everyone starts small. The Verteidiger is the Smalest and in the Line up.

 Complete Sculpture.







Whale Tail

For the Minimalists. The Whale Tail comes in the top view and with a backplate.

The only available top view for now.

Wild Horse

For the Smart ones. Build Have the car but see the whole. The mirror paper  is doing the job properly.

This Italian Stalion is available as a side View sculpture with or without  Background.


Formula Legend

This one has it all, the details a raceing livery and a background.

The Formula Legend comes as a complete Sculpture.


Rally Legend

Such a compact car. One of the biggest scale, there fore easy to Build. The Background comes in a wide format.


You will create a stunning sculpture


To make sure of that we prepared everything for you

Saving you a lot of time and the guarantee of a perfect Result

Precut and Creased highest grade metallic Paper. Saving you a ton of time and providing a perfect fit, so you will have a perfect result.




We prepared everything for you, you just need some glue. Focus on the build by following the assembly instructions on the inside.

Customise and choose your favourite color


We offer up to 12 colors per model, each one has metalic pigments in the paper to give the sculptures an outstanding appierence

Insurance in case you make a mistake

Just in case something goes wrong during the build we will provide you with the required parts

Easy to mount


Decorate your home or garage, easy to mount and lightweight

Supporting our  environment

With each product that is purchased, you will plant one tree In cooperation with

Paperlegend only uses FSC certified paper

Who am I and what made me do it?

Petrolhead – Car designer – Tinker – environmentally conscious

First of all, I am a Petrolhead and I deeply love cars since I was a kid. That’s what lead me to study Car design in Pforzheim university. On my path, I had the opportunity to work for the design studios of McLaren and Volkswagen as an intern and later on for Porsche as a designer.

What makes my heart beat faster though are rare classics with their rough engines and the smell of gasoline they spread 2 meters around. Therefore I simply took the skills gathered on my journey as a designer and put them to good use one creating paper sculptures of legendary cars. That’s how everything started out and I wish to continue on that path alongside you.

Florian Weber

Our mission is to bring you the joy of paper crafting with stunning results

Paperlegend will bring the essence of legendary cars into your home and garage. By combining two well-known media, the print and the car model the idea of Paperlegend was born. The wall-mounted sculptures are made of metallic paper which is machine cut and creased and ready for you to assemble. So you can build your dream car!

In this way, you get the best of Print and Carmodel. You are able to move around the sculpture and check all the angles and facets of the Design. We all went down on our knees to check out an awesome classic. On the other hand, it will catch the attention as it is exposed on your wall.

Another aspect is that sculptures of cars are usually very expensive, so I want to give the opportunity to every automotive addict ( like myself) to be able to include your personal hero from the past into your daily life.


Paperlegend is about you

Everyone has his personal hero from the past, and there are so many awesome cars that need to be honoured. But to know which cars you really want to see revived as a paperlegend we will listen to you.

Open for collaborations

I am open to collaborating with other creative minds

As Seen in Media

Crazy About Porsche



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