Art Exhibition

Open for all Artists

Be a part of it. Submit your Mono art vision and be a part of this unique collaboration. 



Collaborative NFT Collection

Become a part of the NFT movement and create new routes to sell your artworks.

30% of profits go to the artist.

Enter the Challenge Be a part of the Mono Art Car history

How it Works

Download Template

Create your art within the white area of the template

Trace the Outline of the car onto your desired medium, or start working digitally right away.

Create your art

Digital, Analogue or Ai ?
It’s up to you!

When submitting your artwork make sure to save it without the black areas of the template.

Optimal resolution 3335 x 6000 Pixel


View it on the BAC Mono Configurator

Done creating? Check your results and see if you need to edit anything. Once you are done, submit your Entry.

Deadline  Oct. 22th 2022


To receive your Share of the NFT Sale please create a Solana and Ethereum wallet ahead of submission.

If you don’t submit an Eth and Solana Address we cannot guarantee you will receive your fair Share.

Follow the Tutorials below on how to create a wallet.


Coming Up

The Exhibition

NFT Creation and Utility

After submitting your Art it will become a part of an ever-evolving collaborative NFT collection. Every entry will be turned into an NFT to prove its authenticity.

The NFT will be offered for sale along with a 1/6th scale Paperlegend BAC Mono printed with the artwork. Upon the sale of the NFT, artists will receive a portion of the NFT revenue.

The collector of the individual NFT can choose to build a Paperlegend model themselves or have it built at additional cost. The finished artwork will comprise of a detailed 1:6 scale version of the Art Car, hand-crafted from paper.

The NFT owner also has the exclusive rights (at additional cost) to create further art pieces around the same theme, which could be an oil painting, a sculpture or even an actual BAC Mono. Each would be an exclusive one-off production.

Sleeping with Art

25th and 26th October 2022

Venue at the Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire:

One of the most exclusive private estates in the UK. Only 40 minutes from London.


10 am to 6 pm

Meet the Brand

BAC – Briggs Automotive Company

Mono totally redefines the meaning of ‘luxury’ and takes bespoke customisation to another level.

Every single Mono to leave the Liverpool factory is a totally One of a Kind, one-of-one vehicle that’s completely tailored to the requirements of the customer. The Mono is yours – and only yours


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